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Animal Healing

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Animal Reiki

Reiki is such a gentle method of healing that animals are very comfortable during a session. It is suitable for all animals from the exotic to the common household pet. Reiki is given effectively by laying on of hands or from close proximity meaning it is used for animals of all temperaments and conditions without distressing them. Healing energy travels through the hands of the practitioner into the pet’s body reaching whatever area has the greatest need. It works on all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit.


During a treatment the animal receives the level of Reiki energy that is right for it. All animals are different some are instant Reiki sponges soaking up large amounts of healing immediately while others will take a little the first time and be more receptive during the second session. Treatments vary from 30 minutes to one hour according to the needs of the individual animal. They quickly show signs of deep relaxation, yawning, falling asleep or chilling out, the animal will indicate when the session is finished.

A single session is very beneficial however some animals will require further sessions once a week for a while to achieve more profound healing for longstanding conditions.

No withdrawal

Since all treatment is on an energetic level and there is no medicines, injections or physical manipulation there is no withdrawal period. Reiki is suitable for all animals including horses in training, competition horses, greyhounds, shelter animals, household pets, farm animals etc.

N.B. Reiki will compliment and enhance veterinary treatments but is never intended as a substitute for veterinary care.