Book List

Book list

Original Fairy Tree Hill of Tara by Honor Hales

Inspirational Book list

This is a Book List that I hope will guide you if you are looking for Inspiration. Over the years I have come across a list of  books that have given me guidance at many levels. These are a few of the books that I particularly enjoyed and found helpful. If you have a book list that you want to share let me know. I would be interested in more books to add to this list.

William Lee Rand: The Reiki Touch

Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Deepak Chopra: Creating Affluence

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

Anthony de Mello: Awareness

Anthony de Mello: Walking on Water

Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention

Byron Katie: Loving what Is

Foundation for Inner Peace: A Course in Miracles (combined volume)

Judy Hall: The Crystal Bible

Angela McGerr: An Angel for every day

Timber Hawkeye: Buddist Boot Camp

If you would like to purchase any of the above books online

Feel free to Contact Susan if you need a book for a particular purpose

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