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Life Coaching for Stress Management

Doing the life coaching course with Susan literally changed my life. Bold statement some might say but for me it did.

Stress wasn’t something that happened every now and then, or in hard times in my life, it was my way of life.I have suffered from chronic stress for as long as I can remember.  I was stressed every day, I let everything get to me, I had tightness in my chest, stress knots in my neck muscles, they were but a few of the issues I was faced with. I couldn’t seem to get a grasp of it. It had started to affect my relationship and how I parented my young son. I would get stressed over not being able to control it.

I started the course with Susan and within 2 sessions I noticed a significant change, but more importantly so did my husband and son, in fact a lot of my friends would ask why I was so chirpy. The course lasted six weeks but a year and half later I’m still putting what Susan taught me into practice, I found it amazing and would recommend it and have nothing but massive praise for the course and Susan. I doubted it at first, but was willing to try anything for a better way of life and that is exactly what it offered me. So a huge thanks to Susan for the help, to help me, change myself.

Many, many thanks


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